Highlighting issues like race and socioeconomic status—and uplifting folks who face them—is crucial to moving the sport forward.

One thing about me: I’m a pizza person. I grew up in a pizza-loving family, I married a fellow pizza person, and I’m grooming my almost-one-year-old daughter to be a pizza pipsqueak. You get it.

My husband’s from Chicago, and I grew up in New York—and one of our favorite arguments, typically held over a melty slice or two, is who does pizza better. Over the years, we’ve hit many a parlor—nationally and internationally—to try to settle the debate, once and for all.

But since entering parenthood last year, dining out has become more of a novelty than a weekly routine. And while I’ve been investing time in cooking my faves at home, pizza was the last frontier I had to cross. As much as I love pizza night, an at-home oven always felt like a hefty investment (and a hefty piece of equipment) for limited use, and I was doubtful whether it could meet my *very high* standards. So when I heard about the Ninja Wood-Fired Pizza Oven—which offers eight different cooking settings and functions just like the internet-favorite Ooni Pizza Oven, at a fraction of the price—my interest piqued.

After reading up on the Ninja oven, I decided to seize the summer sale (psst: it’s $99 off right now) and give it a try. It arrived just in time for a holiday weekend spent with friends and family who hail from Miami to Paris—with global, gourmet palates to match. After a very seamless unbox, plug in, and preheat process, the reviews were unanimous: Forget New York or Chicago—this oven will transport you straight to Italy.

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