Spoiler alert: a derm says don’t waste your time.

As anyone who has ever dealt with acne, dark circles, or fine lines knows, a skincare routine can literally transform your face. It’s why so many of us are tapped into the products and routines of our friends and strangers, especially if they promise to revolutionize your beauty routine. So it’s no surprise that something called the “morning shed” is going viral on social media right now. With 77 million views on TikTok, #morningshed is the latest buzzy trend where you load up on skincare products and treatments before bed, then take it all off in the morning (hence: the morning “shed”).

The trend has captivated beauty enthusiasts who are eager to try anything for that morning glow. Some creators keep it simple with face and lip masks allowing these products to work their magic overnight. However, some take it a step further by taking a more-is-more approach, like wearing chin straps, eye masks, overnight creams, or even mouth tape. The idea is to wake up looking more refreshed and renewed than you did the day before, and #morningshed devotees swear by their results.

Still, with all the fad beauty tricks out there, is “morning shed” actually a helpful hack? To find out, I tapped Nava Greenfield, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City for her expert opinion on the latest TikTok fad.

What is the morning shed trend?

As the name suggests, “morning shed” is the very long process of taking off—or shedding—all the beauty fixings you wore to bed. “I think I’m spending too much time on this app,” creator Kayla Lee Mills (@kaylaleemills) says in a TikTok clip as she starts to remove her mouth tape, eye masks, and jaw strap. In Mills’ video, it’s unclear if she did an entire morning skincare routine, but she does prep using red light therapy on an LED tool—only to reveal bright skin and a bouncy blowout.


Morning shed. Honestly the jaw strap was an eliet addition & idgaf how silly it looks #morningroutine

♬ original sound – kayla lee

Creator Maur (@maurslives) took the morning shed trend to the next level, taking off mouth tape, a nose mask, eye masks, a silk bonnet, and a jaw strap. As with every TikTok video and social media trend, reviews have been mixed, and the comment sections on #morningshed videos are full of skeptics. “Overconsumption is killing my people,” one commenter writes, while another notes, “I think I have sleep apnea, cuz’ I almost died mouth taping.”


the chin strap + mouthtape combo is lethal…#morningshed #skincareroutine

♬ Carrie Bradshaw – Gal Matza

Is morning shedding safe or necessary?

While you can certainly do what you want with your face, Dr. Greenfield says that the morning shedding trend bubbling up on TikTok has lots of shock value, but holds no real weight from a professional standpoint. “Not only is the theory behind its effectiveness is not compelling, but there’s also a lack of data to support its use, and the trend may even be harmful,” Dr.

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