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Your weekly horoscope for June 23-29, 2024 puts your relationships under the spotlight. Locking eyes with someone from across the room feels more fated than coincidence when Venus in Cancer clashes into the Nodes of Fate and Destiny on June 26. You might feel a strong, karmic pull to people who enter your life today or feel the urge to make a decision regarding an important relationship. Trust that the people who enter and exit your life around this time are meant to do so.

On the same day, Mercury in Cancer mingles with Saturn in Pisces, inspiring a productive atmosphere. Your mental focus is on point today, so tackle some of the more tedious items that have overstayed their welcome on your to-do list.

Over the next few months, your commitments and responsibilities are up for review. Who and what is truly worthy of your precious time and energy?

A few days later, on June 28, Mercury in Cancer bumps into Chiron in Aries, shining a light on some of your wounds and pain. Conversations today can feel both triggering and cathartic. On the same day, Venus in Cancer connects with Mars in Taurus. Venus and Mars are both associated with desire, attraction, and love. This creates a dynamic and creative energy, and is a great time for a first date or to take a leap of faith on a passion project.

Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries, goes retrograde in Pisces on June 29. Over the next few months, your commitments and responsibilities are up for review. Who and what is truly worthy of your precious time and energy? You may also find yourself becoming a little more lax in your boundaries, too.

To get a closer look at what these cosmic shifts have in store for you, read on to find your zodiac sign’s weekly horoscope for June 23-29, 2024 (and be sure to read for your sun sign and your rising sign for the most accurate forecast).

Looking for even more cosmic insights? Check out your full June 2024 monthly horoscope, or take a look at your yearly 2024 horoscope

Key astrological events for your weekly horoscope from June 23-29, 2024

  • Sunday, June 23: Moon enters Aquarius
  • Tuesday, June 25: Moon enters Pisces
  • Wednesday, June 26: Venus in Cancer square North Node in Aries
  • Wednesday, June 26: Mercury in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces
  • Friday, June 28: Moon enters Aries
  • Friday, June 28: Mercury in Cancer square Chiron in Aries
  • Friday, June 28: Last Quarter Moon in Aries
  • Friday, June 28: Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus
  • Saturday, June 29: Saturn Retrograde in Pisces
  • Saturday, June 29: Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

Weekly horoscope by zodiac sign for June 23 to 29, 2024



You’re learning some secrets, Aries, once Venus in Cancer rams into the Nodes of Fast on June 26. Someone in your family might reveal something insightful that helps you understand a family dynamic with more clarity and compassion.

Spending time with your loved ones leaves you feeling more confident on June 28 when Venus in Cancer teams up with Mars in Taurus. Someone special might help you see yourself from a new perspective and help you appreciate your own talent, worth, and gifts. You might also learn about a new professional opportunity that could bring some more cash your way, too.

Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on June 29, reminding you of the importance of rest. The next few months will require you to be diligent and firm in honoring your boundaries, especially around your free time. You may also decide to recommit to a spiritual or wellness practice that helps you unwind and strengths your intuition in the process.



Conversations go just the way you were hoping they would,Taurus, when Mercury in Cancer mingles with Saturn in Pisces on June 26. This is a productive day for coming up with a plan to reach one of your dreams and finding the right people along the way to help you reach your goals faster. You may also sign up for a class or workshop, and commit to learning something new.

You’re ready to take action on a creative idea once Venus in Cancer meets with Mars in Taurus on June 28. This is also a lovely day to put yourself back out there on the dating apps and to start swiping right.

You’re becoming more aware of how you want to spend your time and energy once Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on June 29. Some of your friendships might start to lose their spark, and you may experience some harsh truths about which friendships support you and which do not. Setting boundaries might be necessary moving forward.



Here comes that recognition at work, Gemini. Responsibility is a major theme in your professional career, which could mean you’re accepting a promotion or perhaps taking on a project that feels career-defining in some way. Mentors and people you respect may also give you compliments, leaving you feeling proud and more confident in your own abilities.

You’re letting your intuition guide you when Venus in Cancer meets with Mars in Taurus on June 28. This can feel like a creative spark that helps you bring an idea from your imagination to life. You’re drawing up the necessary plans and working on something exciting behind

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