The new collection includes six cream-stick blushes launching on June 20.

Where Hailey Bieber goes, a super-viral makeup trend is almost guaranteed to follow (see: this year’s strawberry makeup trend and peachy beachy makeup trend). So it was only a matter of time before the 27-year-old Rhode Skin founder created her own Rhode blush collection—which is exactly what she did today with the launch of Rhode Pocket Blush, a collection of six pocket-size cream blush stick. On June 10, Bieber shared a photo of herself to her Instagram account wearing a bright-pink Rhode blush while holding the cream blushes. “Put me in your pocket,” her caption reads, with thousands of fans commenting to share their excitement over the launch.

Available in six shades (Piggy, Juice Box, Spicy Marg, Freckle, Sleepy Girl, and Toasted Teddy) Rhode fans can now join the waitlist for the new Pocket Blush collection, which will be available to purchase on Thursday, June 20, at 9:00 a.m. PT. Ringing up at $24 a pop—or $130 for all six shades—the Pocket Blush is promoted as a multi-functional makeup product for the entire face, meaning it can be used on the eyes, lips, *and* cheeks to capture the monochromatic makeup looks Bieber is so well-known for.


Per the Rhode Skin site, the Pocket Blushes are formulated to be hydrating, buildable, and long-lasting (Rhode reports they’re clinically shown to last for up to eight hours of wear). Made with tamanu oil and skin-boosting peptides, this line of blushes marks the second color makeup product for Rhode, following the brand’s internet-beloved Peptide Lip Treatment.

Even though the blush sticks won’t be available for purchase until June 20, early reviews of the Rhode Pocket Blush have already begun rolling out on social media. Lifestyle and beauty content creator @ste

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