This Demon Slayer review contains spoilers. “Shut up or I’ll kill you.” The most popular anime series can face problems when complacency sets in – especially if there’s an assumption that audiences will stick around for the rest of the ride since they’ve already invested enough time into this adventure. An anime, whether it’s produced […]

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It’s been a dark few years for both the Xbox brand and the “E3/Not-E3” summer game reveal season. As such, few expected yesterday’s Xbox Showcase 2024 event to be more than the series of predictable trailers and announcements we’ve largely become accustomed to during that time.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when Xbox went out and put on one of the best digital showcase events of the post-pandemic era. It was a thrilling display of Xbox’s suddenly exciting future, and these are the trailers that helped make it so special ranked by their production value, substance, and our excitement for the games themselves.

28. Sea of Thieves Season 13 

This was a lovely trailer for what is sure to be a fun, villain-themed Sea of Thieves update, but it happened to debut alongside some heavy hitters. Sea of Thieves fans will undoubtedly love diving into the update in July, but it’s doubtful anyone who hasn’t already bought into the pirate game will be won over by this preview.

27. Starfield: Shattered Space 

This was another fine trailer, and the idea of exploring the mysteries of the Great Serpent recalls the off-beat, yet thrilling, Bethesda DLC adventures of old. However, this trailer could have done a lot more to convey what improvements Shattered Space (and other upcoming Starfield updates) will make to the base game. Some existing games were allowed victory lap largely cinematic trailers, but Starfield doesn’t feel like it’s in that spot quite yet. 

26. State of Decay 3 

The State of Decay 3 trailer was certainly beautiful, but the lack of (convincing) gameplay footage or solid release information was a bit concerning. State of Decay 3 was first teased in 2020, and we still don’t know enough about this sequel to get excited about it beyond the vague prospect of more State of Decay.

25. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Hey, it’s a Microsoft Flight Simulator trailer. After all these years, it’s still a gorgeous series that happens to be the very best at a very specific thing. The 2024 installment of the franchise looks to add just enough to keep the series’ streak of hits active.