This article contains spoilers from The Sandman comics. The Prodigal is finally set to return. Throughout the first season of The Sandman, viewers met not only Dream a.k.a. Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), but also his siblings, known as the Endless. The mopey Dream gets a pick-me-up from his cheery sister Death (Kirby), while dealing with the […]

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This Doctor Who article contains spoilers.

The Doctor’s adventures in space and time often put things out of order. But the third episode of series 14 may have outdone itself. The latest episode of Doctor Who, the Steven Moffat-penned “Boom,” finds the Doctor stepping on landmine constructed by Villengard, the largest weapons manufacturer in the galaxy.

It’s an incredibly tense episode, one that gives new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa another opportunity to show off his ability to play vulnerable and unknowable at the same time, as well as showcase Mille Gibson’s Ruby, cementing her place as a worthy companion. (The episode also served as Varada Sethu’s debut on the show, ahead of her series 15 role as a new companion.) The quality shouldn’t come as too much as a surprise, given that “Boom” comes from one of the most acclaimed writers of the NuWho era, his first under returning showrunner Russel T Davies.

And yet, “Boom” has left some fans with a lingering question: why didn’t the Doctor solve everything? After all, “Boom” writer Moffat also wrote “The Doctor Dances” from series 1, which ended with the Ninth Doctor announcing with delight, “Everyone lives!” Why does the Doctor just help this small group of Anglican Marines instead of ending what he even admitted was a “stupid little war” manufactured by the evil Villengard?

The answer, is, well, they already did. Or will do. Appropriately enough, we learned about it way back in “The Doctor Dances,” the first e

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