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Living in New York City, I have negative patience for high heels. Sure, I’d love to strut my stuff across busy city intersections like Carrie Bradshaw—that looks cool! But the truth of the matter is this: heels slow me down, stress me out, and further reduce my already-minimal coordination skills to Bambi-like awkwardness. At least that’s how I felt before I slipped on my first pair of Aerosoles Camera Sandals.

While scrolling through Instagram one day, I spied the Camera Sandals on the feet of some influencer who was trekking all over the city. She mentioned her shoes (because, duh) and my first thought was “Those are Aerosoles?!Well folks, let me tell you—Aerosoles is not your grandma’s shoe brand anymore. Not only are these particular heels ca-ute, but they actually have a ton of other fun (and functional) styles I didn’t know existed.


Aerosoles, Camera Sandals in Metallic Gold — $135.00

Sizes: 5-12, in half, standard, and wide sizes

Colors: 20

What are Aeresoles Camera Sandals?

This strappy, open-toed design from Aerosoles features a platform heel, a stylish buckle strap, and foot-friendly cushioning. They’re available in 20 different colors and patterns, ranging from Cognac brown suede to hot pink leather. Or, if you’re really feeling wild, you might dip your toe into their zebra print calf hair style.

You’ll find the Camera sandals in both standard and wide sizes, ranging from 5-12 (with half sizes available). Of course, everyone’s feet are different but, in my experience, I’d say they run true to size. If you’re between sizes you can probably get away with the half size down, especially because the back heel strap is the only adjustable part of these shoes.

Photo: The author (in a brand new pair of black Camera sandals)

Are Aerosoles Camera Sandals comfortable?

Absolutely. After purchasing my first pair of gold Camera Sandals last summer, I wore them to multiple weddings and they kept my feet happy as can be while I danced the night away. While the total heel hight is three inches (enough to make you feel elevated and dressed-up) the platform is 1.25 inches tall, creating a “flatform” feel.

The footpad is cushy and responsive, and while they don’t boast any extra arch support, the slight pitch means you won’t be putting excess pressure on the ball of your foot (and toes) like regular heels. They also feature Aerosoles’ rubber outsoles with diamond traction that helps them feel slip-resistant and secure.

I should note that if you have wide feet, you’ll want to opt for the wide style. Aerosoles notes that the Camera Sandals run slightly narrow—I have standard (if not narrow-ish) feet so I went for the standard width and they fit like a dream.

But are Aerosoles Camera Sand

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